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26 August 2009 @ 03:44 pm

     Hey dudes! So as some of ye may know, I went to Warped tour in Mountain View on Thursday. It was totally awesome, and the day didn't go terribly wrong, even if it was my first. I didn't get stuck in a port-a-potty, or lose my loaded wallet. There were lots of bathrooms at the Shoreline (real, flush-capable ones), and I didn't lose anything, thankfully. The weather was nice, and there was bit of wind, so the crowds weren't so hot. Basically, the weather was a godsend!


            So this is how my day went. Kim, my sis (Diehardroxx), and I were nervous as hell the day before Warped, so we couldn't sleep. We were awake almost all night, and I couldn't convince my brain to fall asleep, even if I knew I'd need it for the following day (and I was so right! =) ) we awoke at like 6:15, and dressed as well as ate and did our hair, hoping that it'd stay put fer the rest of the days fer pictures. Luckily, it did its job fer the most part. =)

            We were set to leave at 9am, but my mom wanted to leave at 10:30am. I knew it was an insane time, but we finally settled on 9:30. (the actual show started at 11am) she'd decided to tag along with us just the day before, and was totally clueless about what Warped was gonna be like. She thought Warped was gonna be really small, and that there weren't going to be a lot of bands playing. Boy, was she wrong.

            By the time we got dropped off, it was a little bit of 10:30am, and fuck, the lines were LONG! We had to cross a whole other street, because the line was so long, it had to be split in half. The whole time I was like 'I told you!' to my mom, who was really surprised at the crowd. People were coming up with their iPods trying to get us to buy their CDs. Some of them were really nice, giving us a listen, and it was hard to say no. but I did, eventually. To ALL of them. I mean, I didn't hear all their music, and couldn't buy their CD b/c of one song. But others were total asses. Like this guy from Valencia. I'd warmed up to the band after I heard that they were part of what went down in Philly with the cops, but FUCK. The guy (IDK who he was) was trying to convince me to buy the CD, and since Kim is totally not use to all of this, she got nervous and stood still and stiff, silent and unable to reply. Then he noticed Kim as he was talking and he was all like "So, she's not even acknowledging me, I'm not a human being, I'm a robot". But he said it in a loud voice, as if to command everyone's attention, and let them know we didn't want to buy his CD. There's going to have to be a lot of convincing for me to ever like them again. He was being such an ass! =( I know that he wanted to sell CDs and stuff, but he came off like such a jerk. =(

            While in line, Kim and I saw Garrett, Kennedy, and Pat walking around, announcing that they were playing the Hurley stage at 11:15 am. We didn't say anything, b/c fuck, we were scared and nervous! =) They were gorgeous, all dressed in tank tops (except Pat) and Kenny and Gerr in sunglasses. They passed us and went towards the end of the line. Then they came back and I worked up the nerve to ask them for a picture. I walked through the crowd of people walking to the back of the line, and said "Hey guys!"

            They all turned around to look at me, and Garrett's mouth was in an 'O'. "Can I have a picture?"

            "Uh," Pat said, looking around instead of at me, and just by uttering that word, I knew that he'd say no, and looked down. "We're running late right now, but we can hang out after the show."

            I felt really bad and stupid, knowing that everyone in line was looking at me. "OK," I said, smiling. It wasn't their fault after all, and it would be selfish to hold them back. "Can I have a hug?"

            "Sure!" Pat said, and leaned over for a hug. I saw his pretty face up-close, his eyes wandering. I hugged him, and he was really skinny (uh, duh, Jack! All the scene boys are like that! =P) I was planning on asking Garrett for a hug, but as soon as I broke away, he and Pat hurried along. (Kennedy had already left)

            Coming back to the line, I knew that some people were looking at me. Some stupid "tuffie-wuffie (that sounds weird, I know! But there's no other way to describe them!) metal heads behind me laughed, probably at my rejection. Kim told me that I looked really chill, and not all stalker-ish with Pat. Whatever. It was cool hugging Pat! =)

            'Fuck!' I muttered. It was already 11am, and the line wasn't budging. Eventually we did get in, but there were only like 5 minutes before the Maine was set to play! Curse whomever scheduled them to play so early!

            We went to the guys selling the schedules to know at what tine the bands were playing, but came to a dead halt when we saw This Providence (minus one, Gavin wasn't there!)! they were handing out small papers that announced that they were playing the Kia Kevin Says Stage at 5:55 PM. (I wonder, if them being a Christian band, had chosen the number =) )     



            I asked David if I could have a picture with him, and he said "Sure!" he has the world's cutest cheeks! And the most stunning eyes! OMFGZ. 0_o He towered over me, and his cute hair (which had recently been dyed and cut according to his Twitter) got in my eyes. Hehehe =) but he looked so cute!


            I knew that Steph (http://lifelesslove.user.buzznet.com ) loves David, so I made a sing fer him to hold.


            I asked David if he'd mind holding this and me taking a picture, and he studied the poster for a little bit and said that it was OK.

            This is how the pic came out. I think he looked super cute, with a little bit of attitude. =)


            I also know that Jenny (http://jdang.user.buzznet.com ) loves This Prov, and had brought brownies to one of their acoustic shows, so I made this poster for David to hold up.


            I told him that she said hi, and asked him if he remembered the girl who came to their Pittsburgh acoustic show and brought them brownies, and he was all like "Oh, yeah!". So the pic came out looking like this, with David's attitude in full force! =)


            OMFGZ, IDK how he could have said yes to everything! He's so nice! =)

            I walked over to Dan, after he'd finished up a convo w/ some fans and asked fera  picture. He looked awfully cute in his small washed pink shirt, and his big retro glasses reminded me of a cop! Hehehe =)


            Then I took a pic of Kim and Dan, and she said that she was jealous that Dan came out smiling in my pic and not in hers. I still think it's a cute pic!


            We hurried over to the actual amphitheater, thinking that we'd found the Maine. But it wasn't; it was the Hurley.com and the Smartpunk stage, not the Hurley Stage! The big dumbo that I was, I hadn't seen the map at the back of the schedule or that the Maine had changed their time to 11:30am 'till then. But I had no way of knowing looking at the Hurley.com stage, since the backdrop just had the Hurley logo. Gah! =( My mom said she'd wait for us at one of the seats of the amphitheater.

            So Kim and I hurried off, until we found the Maine at the Hurley stage. They were already really late into their set, and I knew that we'd missed most of it. =( I was really upset, because I LOVE THE MAINE!!!! And I'd gone to see them, specifically. But we did catch some songs, but the only one I can remember is the last one, "Girls Do What They Want." The whole time, John O' was singing barefoot. I love seeing the Maine. They make me really happy, and I love them live!

            At one point, John O' was talking about some kids who had jumped the fence to get into Warped, and how none of them had been caught, except for one. He was saying that if he jumped the fence and the security guards got Garrett, he'd leave him there and bail. Everyone laughed at John O's joke, and Garrett came with a slow reply, ellipses indicating long pauses: "Yeah, kids, don't go jumping fences...Or big guys will...fucking rip your face off." Hehehe =) Gerr's so cute.

            These are some pix of their live set. Not the best, but we'd gotten there late, so we didn't have a good spot. =/


            When they hit their last song, I told Kim to go see Trey, whom John had pointed out during the show. Everyone had looked in Trey's direction, whom was standing inside the barricades of the Microphone for Youth tent, where the techs were at. Everyone waved at him. At first I thought I hadn't gotten him, but if ye look closely enough, ye can see Trey, with the CSWS sign!


            We got over to where Trey was standing, until I built up the nerve to ask him fer a pic. He's gorgeous, BTW, and my main (no pun intended!) reason for going to Warped at all. Knowing that he'd be there killed me, and I had to go knowing otherwise that I'd never meet him).


            When we posed fer the pic, his crazy blond hair got in my eyes, hehehe =) It poked them, and I brushed it away. It looks awesome! I love it! =) <3

            Then, like the creepy stalkers that we are, Kim took these pix of Trey watching the Maine =)


            We made our way back into the crowd, as Moose and Aaron LB were packing up. These are the only two shots we got, b/c, apparently, they didn't wanna be photographed. Hehehe =) Some girl called out Aaron's name, and he looked up, but when he saw her camera, he said "Nu-uh!", laughed, and ducked out of view. Hehehe =) Wish I'd asked when I'd see the new Aaron's Answers!



We watched the crowd disperse as we waited to watch Sing It Loud. I just got into them a lil bit ago, but they're a good band. Some stupid guys who were waiting fer Gallows to come on kept mocking and complaining about the Maine and Sing it Loud. They were saying stupid stuff like "All I see is prepubescent girls!" or laughing at the boys. Yuck. Ppl like that are like that disgust me =(


Sing It Loud set (not in order)

•·        Bite Your Lip

•·        No One can Touch Us

•·        Come Around

•·        Best Beating Heart

•·        Don't Save Me


These are just the songs that I remember, and these are some of the pix of their set.

It was an awesome set, and the boys were great, and the shirtless Nate Flynn got the crowd riled up. Pat was talking about having a hang over, and about their stop at Fresno completely sucking. He was saying that 'Frisco was making him so happy and that we were great! He also made a mini speech about what Warped is all about, and how some bands don't embrace it. He was talking about how metal heads made fun of pops, and pops made fun of punks fer their Mohawks. It was deep =) and got those dumb boys to shut up =)

After their set, we hit the tents. We went to the This Prov tent, and bought a white V-neck. Andy was behind the tent, and I asked him fer a pic. He said yeah, and this is it! OMFGZ! He had his shirt off =)


He was complaining about an itch he couldn't scratch on his back, and made his way back into the tent. Where his merch guy confirmed that it was a mosquito bite. Poor Andy! =(

Then we went to the Maine/This Century tent (IDK Pat was their A&R!) and bought their CD. I got this pic w/ Joel from This Century. He was so nice! He told me to step into the tent.

I wanted to get a Maine shirt, but they didn't carry any in my size =(

Then Kim and I made our way to the Sing It Loud tent, after I remembered Pat Brown saying that he'd be there after the show. And sure enough, the sweaty Pat was there. I asked fer a pic, and here are the 2 tries.

The back of his shirt was wet with sweat & I loved the funny glasses. Hehehe =) This is Kim's pic with him.

I guess we were lucky b/c right after he took pix w/ us, he left. We bought a black SIL shirt and got a free poster! =)

We went to the bathroom with my mom, whom joined us after the Sing It Loud show. I saw Gavin, but he was going into the bathroom when we came out. We went to the amphitheater and ate lunch. When I finished, I needed to use the bathroom (since I hadn't used it before).

As I was coming back, I saw Chris Miller, the sound tech fer the Maine, and freaked (closet freak out!). He was climbing up the stairs of the amphitheater, having exited out the backstage door of the amphitheater.

"Hey, Chris!" I said. "Can I take a picture with ye?"

"Sure," he replied. I lead him back down a few rows to where Kim sat so she could take the pic. In turn, I took a pic of her w/ him. He looked specially hot that day. I loved his beanie and his hair!

After we finished up, we got in line to see Hit The Lights, who were playing the right Smart Punk stage side in a few, while Black Tide were playing the last few minutes of their set on the left side, on the Hurley.com stage.

I walked down and say Eric 'Halvo' Halvorsen from ARTTM watching them! OMG! =) But I couldn't signal him to come out so that we could talk and take a pic (fer someone who doesn't know I LOVE HALVO! I met him @ the AP tour, but Id love to meet him again! =( ) I prayed that he'd come out, but he didn't. I was pretty upset. =P

Hit the Lights setlist:

•·        Stay Out

•·        Breathe In

•·        Save Your Breath

•·        Body Bag

•·        Cry Your Eyes Out

•·        Count It!

•·        Drop the Girl

•·        Back Breaker

They were really good (again, I saw them @ the AP tour!) and Kim and I were right in the front of Dave, the guitarist. He's so cute, in a teddy bear kinda way. Nick touched my arm! =) Kim also touched his lower arm, which she said was really sweaty! Hehehe =)

LURKER ALERT! We caught Austin from FTSK watching HTL play by the sidelines, with that permanent PO'd expression on his face! Hehehe =)

After their set, we hit the Maine tent again, hoping to catch the boys. But, unfortunately, we weren't destined to meet them =( instead, I got Ryan from This Century (looking awfully cute!) whom agreed to take a pic w/ me. I love his expression! Hehehe =) I love his nose, BTW!

We went to the main stage to catch We the Kings.... There were boatloads of ppl! =) everyone was so impatient fer them to come out, but started cheering when Hunter and Trav came out. OMFG, I love DanDan! He rocks on drums, and so does Drew on guitar! They played Kim's fave song* and Trav was complaining about a hole in his pants near his crotch. I thought he was kidding, but it was true! It was covered by his guitar, though.

We the Kings setlist:

  • Secret Valentine
  • All Again For You*
  • A cover song by Jimmy Eat World
  • Skyway Avenue
  • The new song

I tried to take a vid of them playing their new song, but a lot of ppl were crowd surfing, and it was impossible! =( I got hit like once, but I learned to help the crowd surfers, or I'd get hurt. So remember: Help or ye'll Yelp! =) Trav did this funny thing that he said that he hated Hunt and that Hunt hated him, but they loved each other and that's what being in a band is all about 0-o Hehehe =)

I also thought it was hilarious when Trav asked the crowd, "Who believes in God?" only a few low screams served as a response. Then he asked "Who believes in We the Kings?" And everyone started screaming! Hehehe =)

Fer the pic, we got lots of Trav. I wanted more DanDan, but couldn't really see him. =(

We also got these blurry pix or Rian Dawson and Jack Barakat from All Time Low when they joined the boys onstage, after Trav told everyone in the crowd to give All Time Low the finger as they walked by. =)

Then Trav went to the WTK tent after the set, but the line was ginormous! So we just snuck these shots of him before the merch guy closed the side of the tent that he'd left open.

We went to the Maine tent (fer the like 4th time! Hehehe =) Insane, I know!) But didn't see the boys at all. And then, out of nowhere, came Kennedy! Some girl is talking to him and we patiently wait until they're done, but we do sneak these pix of him meanwhile. She'd given him a bracelet, so that's what he was putting on.



Then I asked him fer a pic and he was like "OK!" His eyes are so beautiful! OMFG! =) Amazing! And his smile...These are the pix!


I apologized fer bumping his head @ the AP tour stop in SF, and he said that it was fine. (OMFG! Closet freak out!) And that I shouldn't worry about it. Never the less, I'll never forgive myself. We said thanks, and Kenny said, "No, thank you!" Aww! =)

We were walking to the Ernie Ball stage to see Aiden, when we ran into Andy from This Prov again! I said, "Sorry to bother ye, but can we take another pic?" He agreed. Apparently Andy isn't too happy w/ a shirt on! Hehehe =)



Out of luck, we walked by the AP tent where Hit the Lights was signing. There was practically no line, so the girl at the tent gave us an AP Warped program pictured below, and I flipped it open to find a small pic and article on Hit the Lights. Everyone else was getting their shoes or the laminated cover signed, but the Sharpie didn't stick and smudged on the cover.

Kim snuck these pix while HTL signed, while the chick at the tent screamed "No pictures!" to some other girl. Kim was inconspicuous and we didn't get caught! Hehehe =)



Everyone at the table was really nice and Nick and Omar were talking about making an invention or something. Hehehe =) Well, Omar was sitting at the very end of the table, and started humping it, making it shake violently. Hehehe =) Everyone was like "Omar, stop!" and he was like "I'm sorry, I can't!"



We went to get my mom from the amphitheater, so that we could go and see Aiden. She sat at the bench near the stage, and Kim and I were lucky enough to end up pretty close to the Ernie Ball stage. Aiden didn't have a very big crowd. Despite the fact, they were amazing! wiL's energy radiated off into me. His eyes are stunning, yet empty. There was so much passion there. I loved seeing them play. They played some songs that I didn't know from their new album, but I loved being able to be so close to the band.

Aiden setlist

•·        Last Sunrise

•·        Let the Right One In




We didn't see their whole set, because we went to see There for Tomorrow a little bit before Aiden's set ended. TFT were playing in the amphitheater at the SmartPunk stage.

When we got there, P.O.S. was playing the Hurley.com stage, and I hated it. Hehehe =) It was bad. I totally didn't like it.

Meanwhile...LURKER ALERT! We saw Austin Bello from Forever the Sickest Kids watching P.O.S. perform with a Sharpie in his mouth, and Maika Maile from There for Tomorrow. They looked really concentrated and kinda-but-not-really into it. In the Maika pic, the redheaded kid on the side is Caleb Turman (OMFGZ! 0_o I know!) who was also watching, but just for a few seconds.



Right before TFT started, we saw Dirk Mai, Garrett, and John O' coming out from backstage. I wanted to go and get them to take a picture so bad, but I knew that I'd loose my spot for TFT if I did. So I didn't. Plus, they had food, and I didn't want to bother them. I regretted it (a little bit) later, b/c I didn't get to meet any of them. =(

We were lucky enough to come a few minutes before their set started, because we ended up basically in front of Christian Climer. (OMFGZ! =P *drools*) and Maika. I love Christian's new hair, BTW! =) he's really energetic and it was hard to get a good still pic of him. =) poor Maika! =( the sun came out during their set and was hitting him really hard in the face, making him sweat like crazy. I loved their set, although his voice was kinda drowned out by the guitars!

There For Tomorrow setlist

•·        A little Faster

•·        Backbone

•·        Stories

Oh, and Christian showed off a ginormous rip in his pants. You could see he was wearing really really tiny bright red boxers, that probably only reached the end of his jean pockets. Hehehe =) didn't get a pic of it, tho! I suck! =P



We left their set early, about halfway through, to go and see This Providence at the Kia Kevin Says Stage. We were lucky, BTW! =) Later on the place was packed, and we were right on the end of the front row, in front of Gavin.

While they were setting up, we heard All Time Low all the way from the main stage! =) We heard "Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)", "Dear Maria, Count Me In", and "Break Your Little Heart".

LURKER ALERT! While they were setting up, Aaron Gillespie was walking around the stage! =)



We also saw Gerr and Pat Kirch walking near the back of the stage, but couldn't take a pic of Gerr. Here are some blurry ones of Pat Kirch, though! =)



This Providence setlist

•·        Selfish

•·        Letdown

•·        That Girl's A Trick

•·        My Beautiful Rescue

•·        Playing the Villan

•·        Waste Myself (one of my faves!)

BTW, Pat brown joined them onstage for "Waste Myself" and Dan said that they were doing Denny's w/ Sing It Loud that night (I couldn't go, though! =( ) then he gave Dan a long hug before he left.



This Prov rocked. They're really great live. =) I think David kinda recognized us, because he kinda stopped onstage and looked our way (I swear he was looking at us!) for a little bit, mouth agape. (We'd waved at him twice, and did the pictures!) He did some mean head banging, BTW! =) poor Gavin! He was so red!



We rushed next door to catch the last 2 songs of VersaEmerge on the Ernie Ball stage. I love Sierra and her voice! She looked beautiful, and got the crowd all crazy. I was dying to see VE forever!

VersaEmerge setlist

•·        Clocks

•·        Whisperer



Then we went to the Maine tent again, but no luck. =( We went to the Innerpartysystem tent and were surprised to see Dave from Hit th Lights filling in for the merch guy. We asked him for a picture and he did this really weird thing! Hehehe =) we tried 2 times with him (for me) in the first pic he's doing this weird muscle thing, and I told him to do the same thing in the next pic, so that I could put my hand on his muscle. But he said "I'm sorry, I don't have any muscles!" so weird, right? =)



Then I asked Kim if she wanted a pic and she got all nervous. She was kind of reluctant, but then Dave grabbed her in a hug and said "C'mere, you!" He's so cute and playful. She was so embarrassed! Hehehe =)



We went to the Hurley.com stage to see FTSK @ 7:45PM. Breathe Carolina, which I don't like =P was playing the SmartPunk stage. Kim and I were sitting around, since we were a bit exhausted.

Later, we went to the other side of the amphitheater where FTSK was gonna play. It was packed, and we had to be in seats, but I loved what I saw of their set. They had a really good audience, loving and cheering them along. =)

Forever the Sickest Kids setlist:

•·        Hey Brittany

•·        My Worste Nightmare

•·        She Likes

They came out practically jumping and got the crowd all riled up. Jonathan looked really into it, and all of them looked really animated. =) then Jonathan started talking about a dream catcher that was projected on the roof.



Unfortunately, we had to leave (OMFG, I know! So unfair!) During their third song. We were getting out and we were gonna give the Maine tent another try, when we ran into Nate Flynn from Sing it Loud.

I couldn't remember his name at all (Mean, I know! =( ) but I just said "Hey!" and he turned around, ASAP! I asked him fer a pic, and he said yeah. I told him that their set was great and he laughed and said thanks. I was all sweaty and fucked up (since it WAS the end of the day) but he was so nice!




We had to leave early and I was bummed about not being able to see all of the Maine, or All Time Low who were playing at the same time as There For Tomorrow, or 3OH!3 (who were going to play at 8:15 PM), or all of the bands that I'd wanted to take pictures with, like FTSK, Aiden, Craig Owens from Chiodos, or Aaron Gillespie from Underoath and the Almost, but I really seriously loved Warped. I got a pretty mean sunburn running over my nose and cheeks but it wasn't all that bad. =)


Warped rocked! Hope that I can come next year!


BTW, David Blaise is even cuter in person, if that's even possible! =)








08 August 2009 @ 01:43 pm

Hey dudes! I just thought of starting my own Music Blog, reccomending y'all of bands I just came across that I think rock! Hope ye'll read this and hopefully give the bands a listen! (BTW, PWN=Owns to those who dunno) =)

Call The Cops!


            PWNZ like: The Secret Handshake, Innerpartysystem, Danger Radio


            Call the Cops! Is a California-based band, which recently was brought to my attention via AP Magazine's AP&R.

            Call the Cops!'s latest effort, Motion Sickness EP, is definitely a must-listen. With fun and in-your-face lyrics reminiscent of 3OH!3's Want and addictive beats like Forever the Sickest Kids and Cobra Starship, Call the Cops! Can easily be one of those bands that never leave your player.

            I recommend "Love Like Novicaine" a fast paced song that'll make you want to get off your butt and dancing, as well as "Watch Me Make You Hate Me", a slow sexy song. Justin Allen's sultry voice easily gives me butterflies, and he manages to make a band-slut encounter sound like the most beautiful thing in the world.

            So before you click the little red 'x' button off my page, make sure you give Call the Cops! A listen, and download their EP, Motion Sickness. They're definitely worth checking out.




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09 May 2009 @ 01:15 pm


Hey dudes!  As some of ye may know, I went to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz on Friday. It was soooo cool! Kim and I got to go on a field trip w/ our Spanish class, and we took some pix.

Well, we went to this mission somewhere else before we actually went to Santa Cruz. It was so bogus, and we had to fill out this worksheet. It was so difficult to find anything, since we didn’t have any direction!

When we got to Santa Cruz, it started pouring; bad. But some rides were open, and we got on them. We went to this weird pirate ship ride that went really high and then really low. It was so scary, and Kim and I were screaming our heads off. I couldn’t believe my audacity, but I think we only went on them b/c we were in a small group of 9th grader chicks.

Then we went to the bumper cars. I love those things! Even if we were stuck w/ some annoying seniors from some other class that were obnoxiously loud. =/ but I always like to get on them when the fair comes to town. We got on that ride like 5 different times throughout the day.

Then, we faced the roller coaster. It was the scariest thing, the Big Dipper. Ive never been on a roller coaster other than the one in the zoo, which is fer like lil kids, and I was freaking out just looking at its height. Everyone in the group was going, but we didn’t,. it wasn’t until we went to the roller coaster another time that we actually got on. It was raining, but it felt so good.

After we came out, we saw the pix that the cam took.

We ate at a restaurant that was at the boardwalk. We had soggy Subway sandwiches we’ve brought w/ us that we bought the day prior, and we bought some fries. The waves were crashing really hard behind us, it was pretty scary.

We then checked to see if the haunted castle ride was open, and we went on that a couple of times. I took a vid inside but ye really cant see anything.



Anyway, it was fun.

Yesterday, during English aka last period, there was a sub in class. He was some old dude that drew portraits and he made one of me (which I think looks nothing like me!)

Or tell me what ye think!
06 April 2009 @ 01:19 pm
The AP Tour 4/1/09!

So, I finally got some time to blog about my experience at the AP tour on Wednesday! And I took pix with some guys from the Maine and A  Rocket to the Moon (Kenny, Loren,  Justin...*coughs*) My camera (the one I borrowed from my Photography class) ran out of battery during the Maine set, so I wasn't able to take pix of 3OH!3! Total bummer!

So....let's take it from the start.

Kim and I got out of school early (minimum day) and had time to fix ourselves up fer the show, doors were open at 6 o'clock and show started at six thirty. So we took care of our baby bro fer a lil bit until my mom came home and drove us to Fukumoto (a cool older family friend) to take us.

We waited a while until we were ready to leave and I was effing nervous b/c it took fer ever fer us to leave!

We drove through the bay bridge, and damn, it was packed! It was getting really close to 6 and I was scared that we wouldn't make it in time!

When we got closer to the venue, there were two long ass lines to get in. It was windy outside, but Kim and I left our sweaters in the car, b/c we knew itd be hot inside. We were literally the last ones in the line and were on the left side of the venue. But we saw Loren Brinton and Eric Halvorsen from A Rocket to the Moon playing on the fire escape, Halvo taking pix of Loren.

Those were the ones we took, and this is Halvo's from his blog.

So we made it inside the venue and Kim and I had decided that I'd be the one to go to the merch booth and she'd go inside, to try to get us a close spot near the stage. There was a very long line (ye should notice this trend) and I couldn't see anything in front of me. I thought the line was fer the merch, but it had actually been fer a Maine signing! I had no idea until I was nearly in the front and saw Garrett's lil hat. Then some woman came up behind some girls who were in line behind me, and said that that was the end of the line! Yay, I was so lucky.

I tried to take a pic of Garrett, but he kept sneezing, so there's only one where he appears really naustiated..




They signed a poster fer me and Pat signed my hand! Even after I showered it didn't come off since it was in permanent marker. I still have it and its Saturday!



I had taken me a long time to get to the Maine, and A Rocket to the Moon had started their set with "Dakota", so I knew I had to hurry up. I went over to the Maine's merch both and bought the peace sign shirt.

Kim came looking fer me and lost our very close spot b/c she was worried that I hadn't turned up in such a long time. Grr! We would have been so close!

 Then I went to ARTTM's merch booth and bought the black lined paper V-neck. I tipped the guy (who bore a resemblance to Justin Richards and Nick Santino) a dollar so he'd give me an ARTTM poster. I was disappointed, b/c I'd been planning on buying this other ARTTM shirt, but they didn't have it at the merch stand anymore.

I went to the Hit the Lights and Fam 5 merch booths to buy the albums (each fer 5 bucks!) and hurried to the show.

We ended up really far, but fortunately we had a good quality camera and the zoom was great. I loved the ARTTM set, although not a lot of ppl in the audience were into it. Nick looked hot and sweaty, in a cute lil plaid shirt! And Halvo, with his mouth agape, was great. Loren was banging his his drums really hard (kind of reminded me of the Butcher) and Justin was awesome.




check out my photobucket ferall the pix!


  • Dakota
  • I'm Not Saying Goodbye
  • Fear of Flying
  • Just Another One
  • If Only They Knew

During the set, Garrett Nickelsen walked by us. Kim freaked out and tried to take a pic but instead she took a pic of the floor. Hehehe =) He was making a really cute face, so that sucked! In the middle of one of the songs she went up to him and asked fer a pic and she took one with him but the zoom was on so it ended up looking like this....





On next were Hit the Lights. I didn't really know any of the band members, or a lot of their songs, so the set list is only made up of the songs I know from their latest album, "Skip school, start fights". They were pretty good, but their appearance didn't match up to their music. Looking at Nick Thompson, he looked more like he should be in Avenged Sevenfold. He really reminded me of M. Shadows (not like he sang like that. But overall, they were great. They got a bunch of ppl mosh pitting (though I didn't consider them mosh-pitting music).

It was really annoying b/c the camera was in danger at that time! I was scared it could get hurt or something. It was all b/c of some stupid boys that had started mosh ptting w/o a reason.







  • Stay Out
  • Breathe In
  • Back Breaker
  • Cry Your Eyes Out
  • Count It!
  • Drop the Girl

Family Force 5 was freaking amazing! They brought out the Family Force 5000 (it took like three guys to push it out!) Sol (the lead singer) AKA Soul Glow Activatur, was dancing all over the stage. He stood on his head on the drumset! Hehehe =)

He was awesome and kept everyone entertained. I loved it! The whole band was amazing and they got really into it, like they didn't have a care in the world. I didn't really know all of the songs either, so these are the only ones I know...










check out the rest of the pix on my photobucket!



  • Fever
  • Party Foul
  • Radiator
  • Get Your Back Off the Wall

After them came the Maine! OMFG, John O' was dancing behind Garrett in a song, and he was always going over to him. He shook his ass when they sang "I Wanna Love You" and the whole crowd was cheering. All of them looked effing amazing and baby Nicko kept making cute faces onstage. The closest I was was to Kenny. I think I got some pretty good shots, but that's when my camera died. *Whimper whimper*  A lot of chicks threw their bras onstage, and Halvo came running out to put a black lacy bra on John O'.



(chris the sound tech that was walking in anjd out of the stage when the bands were playing)



(Aaron [LB] the guitar tech!)









  • Time To Go
  • I Must Be Dreaming
  • Girls Do What they Want
  • Count 'Em 1, 2, 3
  • The Way We Talk
  • Into Your Arms
  • I Wanna Love You (Akon cover)
  • We All Roll Along
  • Everything I Ask For

So my camera was dead when 3oh!3 came on and I wasn't able to take pix. I was so pissed, b/c I had been waiting to see them fer so long and now this???? Seriously! Nat came out wearing this blue Nikes shirt, which he later shed during the show. It was really nice though. =) But he had on this yellow wifebeater later, and Sean had on this cutoff sleeve black tiger shirt. They were the best of the night, in my opinion. Everyone was really into it. They sang "Colorado Sunrise", which is one of my fave songs! It was great!

Sean played w/ the bras and more went up onstage and Nat grabbed a bright pink bra that was ginormous to show to Sean. It wasn't mine! Hehehe =) Everyone was doing the '3OH!3' sign, and at one point, Nick Santino came out and sang a lyric, bouncing around stage w/ Nat.

This chick did a few 3Oh!3 pix, too, and the bras! Note, the big pink one!



  • Punkbitch
  • Starstrukk
  • I'm Not Your Boyfriend
  • I Can't Do It Alone
  • Richmann
  • Neatfreak 47
  • Triple Outcome (New song!!!)
  • Chokechain
  • Don't Trust Me


After the show, Kim and I went outside to the merch place. I wasn't planning on getting anymore merch, but I knew that was a hangout fer the bands. I saw Nick and went after him. I tried taking a pic w/ my camera, trying to get it to work, but it didn't. =/ Totes sucks!

But then I saw Garrett and I went w/ him. I asked a chick if she'd mind taking a pic w/ her camera and emailing it to me, and she said fine. Garrett made a heart w/ his hands, and he looked really cute. Unfortunately, I didn't get the email. Yet....

I then went to Halvo. He was trying to sell some CDs, and I asked another girl if shed be kind enough to take and email me the pic. I asked Halvo and he said sure and we took the pic. This is it!



Thnx Samantha! (that's the name that came up in the email)

He was selling the EP, and I got some 5 dollars up to buy it from him. (Who couldn't say no to Halvo!) I got a hug and Kim informed him that she and I were twins and he said we looked alike. She hugged him and we headed off.

I then went to where Loren was standing. I'd hugged him when I saw him coming out of the show, but then I asked him if he'd mind taking a pic (I asked another girl, Juicyanne) and he said sure. Justin was talking to some chicks, and I tapped him on the shoulder and ask him if he'd mind. He just smiled and turned around.

The three of us posed together, although I look quite shocked in the photo....



I then went back to Nick and asked another girl if she'd take a pic, and she was nice enough to say yes. She took a pic of me and Nick, even if I came out looking like a dumbo w/ my eyes closed! Hehehe =) The thing that kinda freaked me out was that Nick posed but he didn't speak.



Thnx, Taylor!

Me and Kim went outside the venue and when we were walking outside, I saw Pat, Kenny, and Jared standing around just around the corner.

I took a pic with Jared first, and then Pat (although I didn't get the emails back yet)

Then I walked over to Kenny where a girl was taking a pic with him and her mom, I assume was behind the camera. I asked if she'd be kind enough to take a pic, and she said sure. I quickly wrote down my email while Kenny watched, and asked him fer  a pic.

He said sure and was all smiles. When we were posing, I accidentally bumped my head to his cheek! I apologized and he said that it was alright.

Thnx fer emailing me the pic, Kymber!



I heard someone ask Kenny where John O' was and he said across the street. I jaywalked the street when John O' was insight, just go and meet him. He was surrounded by so many girls! When I was gonna cross the rest of it, I saw Kim and I thought she was waving me over, so I came back! I almost killed myself in traffic, just to see John O'! Hehehe.

Kim hadn't actually signaled fer me to come back, she later told me. But I had b/c I thought that was what she had meant!

I then crossed the street like a normal person would (in the pedestrian line) and asked another chick if shed take a pic of me and John O'. She said yes and I took it w/ him. He was really nice and stuff. He's so gorgeous up-close.



Told him thnx, and saw Aaron (LB) the techie for the Maine walking away. I wanted to take a pic w/ him too, but I was scared to call out his name, so I just went after him, but he'd gone into the bus. I then saw Chris the techie also for the Maine standing in front of the bus, and decided to go fer him.

He's so hot!

He was w/ Jared and had a cigarette in his hand. I think he thought I wanted Jared, though, b/c he moved away. I asked him if he'd take a pic, and he said sure. Max came and Chris offered him a smoke. We then went down the hill and asked the same girl to take a pic and she said yes.


Thnx, Lindsey!


When I walked away, one of the girls with the chick took a pic w/ Chris too.

The show was fun in all! Best one so far, b/c I liked all the bands that played.

If anyone has a pic of me w/ Garrett, Jared, or Pat, plz email it to me at thepatient100@gmail.com.



23 January 2009 @ 02:47 pm
I know that it was like a gazillion yrs ago when FTSK were on AP, but I cant find the orgnls of any of the pix Carrie Schechter took!
Especially the one w/ the whole evolution thing?
Does anyone have a link or something?

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